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Bunnyetta by Atrox-C

In honor of International Rabbit Day being followed by the Super Blood Moon (on the Lunar Festival, even) here’s Celie dressed as Bayonetta (from 2 because I like her outfit more).

I may be a little late for the Blood moon and Rabbit day, but I'm just in time for Halloween!

I did the inks! Blame :iconnannercoco: for these awesome colors and moon!

I'm Not Tsundere by Atrox-C
I'm Not Tsundere
Celie only ever pretends to be nice if there's something she wants from you. If she hates your guts then... she really just hates your guts. End of story.
Robo Fortune - Standing Medium Kick

Even though I got to animate this move, I always forget to use it in favor of using c.MK (Scroll Heel) :'D.
Robo Fortune - Jumping Light Kick
R. Fortune's first two aerial kicks make her shoot out her clawed foot at an upward or downward angle, a la Sentinel!

Remember, the Light version goes upward, the Medium goes downward. Confuses me all the time when I use her. 


Javier Ulloa
United States
Current Residence: California
Hey guys!

:iconnannercoco: and I are gearing up for a local comic convention. There's a lot we have to do to prepare, including whipping up prints, stickers and other necessities.

So to help us get a good running start, we've decided to open up a commission raffle! Here are the details:…

To sum it up, you buy into the raffle for $2.50. Depending on how many people participate and buy in between now and 12 AM October 1, 2015 determines the prize, ranging from a character sketch (few entrants) to a full-blown color print (a lot of entrants, valued at $200). You can essentially walk away with that for $2.50! Plus you can always enter more than once! It's all for a good cause, so even if you don't win, it still helps us a lot!


Sarah N. Dippity Turnaround (colored) by Atrox-C Drama Queen by Atrox-C Splatfest - Aug 29 2015 by Atrox-C
MiM - Cole Bust by nannercoco MiM - The Ribbon and the Faerie - Page 6 by nannercoco Commission 05122015 - Jade Wukong by nannercoco SU - Long-haired Pearl by nannercoco

  • Entries are $2.50 USD a piece. You can enter more than once!
  • Send entries via Paypal to Make sure to mark it as Goods/Services and that no shipping address is needed. Also add in the notes that the payment is a raffle entry as well as your Tumblr or DeviantArt username.
  • A winner will be chosen using a random number generator on October 1st. Entrants are listed by the order we receive them.
  • The winner will be notified with a callout post on Tumblr and journal entry on dA. If the winner does not come forth within a week, another winner will be chosen.


  • NSFW/nudity
  • Excessive gore
  • We reserve our right to refuse other subjects not listed on a case-by-case basis if we feel it’s over our boundaries and will request the winner choose a new one. Please feel free to inquire at any time if you’re unsure.

Sound good? And with that, here are the types of commission you could get:

  • TIER 0 (1-8 entries) - A sketch of one character by Atrox!
  • TIER 1 (9-12 entries) - An inked drawing of one character by Atrox!
  • TIER 2 (13-18 entries) - One character inked by Atrox with flat colors thrown on by Coco!
  • TIER 3 (19-30 entries) - One character inked by Atrox; colors will be fully shaded by Coco!
  • TIER 4 (31-59 entries) - TWO characters inked by Atrox with full colors by Coco!
  • TIER 5 (60+ entries) Two characters inked by Atrox, full colors AND a full background by Coco!
  • TIER 6 (80+ entries) Oh god, is it even possible?! You’ll get everything listed in Tier 5 and Coco will make an 8.5 x 11 print of your picture and ship it to you!
Good luck! And thanks for reading/considering!
  • Reading: Usagi Yojimbo
  • Playing: Splatoon
  • Eating: Green Apple
  • Drinking: Aloe Vera Juice


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flyscratch Featured By Owner 2 days ago
hey atrox do you think they should make a third poker night at the inventory?
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so atrox who would like to see in poker night 3?
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hey atrox ever heard of poker night at the inventory
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cool i jsut did a journal about my ideas for characters for a third installment in the series
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How are you, Roxy, and Taffy? If you don't mind me asking, and I'm sorry for the late reply.
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hey atrox
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